Paving the way of innovation since 2013, Long4Lashes is an acclaimed beauty line recognized for ground-breaking quality and spectacular product performance. Our mission is to enhance natural beauty, without the need of invasive cosmetology procedures in expensive beauty salons. Our brand started with one product only – the iconic, patented Long4Lashes eyelash serum, which has helped millions of consumers worldwide to lengthen, strengthen and densify their lashes. As not only highest efficacy, but also product safety are our utmost priority, the formula has been developed under the watchful eye of dermatologists and ophthalmologists. Safety is guaranteed through various application tests conducted by our own laboratory and external research partners, including a safety assessment conducted by the German Dermatest Institute. The success of our serum, started an entire line of eye- centred care and make up products, including eye brow serums, conditioners and mascaras. All our products are designed to WOW consumers in the same way, that the iconic serum does. Therefore, we rely on innovative and highly effective ingredients only, taking into account newest developments in the field of cosmetology and beauty technology.